Top Best Memory Card Recovery Software

May the data be of any format; it plays a very important role in everybody’s life. In today’s tech world, data can take any format—files, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, and so on. See! I told you data can take any format. People are smart enough to back up their data on iCloud, memory card, hard disk, and other such places. However, mishaps don’t alert you before they occur! Sometimes, you can be in a great situation if you tend to accidentally lose your backup itself. Generally, people tend to save data on memory cards. The memory card data can be lost by any possible way! The card may get corrupt, the card content is unreadable, and so on. In such situations, how to recover deleted files from memory card is the only question hovering around in our minds!

Today, in the below article we will be taking you through the top free memory card recovery software. RecoverIt is a memory card data recovery software, who will never fail to recover your lost data. Let the case be any, corrupt memory card, unreadable SD card, or non-detecting memory card, the memory card recovery software we ensure to get back your data efficiently and seamlessly. RecoverIt is an advanced memory software by Wondershare which assures you to recover over 95% of your lost data.

RecoverIt data recovery software is the best SD card recovery software for your data loss issue. Whether you have lost your precious data on memory card, SD card, hard drives, computer, or any other external storages, RecoverIt being a memory card repair software will no doubt get back your data instantly.

The brain child behind RecoverIt is Wondershare who is dealing with data recovery thing since 2003. Almost 2 decades of experience! Also, Wondershare has fulfilled more than 5,000,000 customers in more than 160 countries. Moreover, RecoverIt supports more than 550 different file formats. Also, the software is available for Mac as well as Windows too. There is no way one can doubt it’s performance!

Let us now see how to how to recover deleted files from memory card using RecoverIt. Follow below steps to use the memory card recovery software.

Step 1: Firstly from the RecoverIt website, download and then install the software. Now use the license key along with your email to use the software efficiently. Here you will a very user-friendly interface showing all the available recovery options.

Step 2: As you wish to perform a card recovery, select the option External Devices Recovery from all the option available, as this will best suit your situation.

Step 3: Now simply insert your portable memory card in the PC and select the option. With this a deep scan process will be initiated. The time taken for the deep scan depends on the amount of data you wish to recover. More the data, more time the scan will take. So have some patience if you are looking to recover huge amount of data.

Step 4: Once all the scanning process is done, the files discover by the software form the scan will be displayed on the screen. Now from the panel present on the left side, you can find the files that were lost or you can even browse all the folders which were present on the device originally.

Step 5: You can also browse all the files by file format and type with the feature swap to ‘Files View’. Furthermore, one can also search for particular files, filter the file by the date modified as well as with their formats too. Now select the files you wish to recover.

Step 6: Once you are done with the selecting of files to be recovered, simply click the ‘Recover’ button. All the files will be recovered to their original location, that is on memory card.

Now that we are done with the how-to guide of the memory card recovery software free, let us have a crisp look at the pros and cons of the software.


  • Quick device scanning
  • Supports numerous file formats
  • Can recover old files too
  • Suits all types of computer (Mac and Windows)
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Not able to rearrange window sizes
  • Not all files are recovered (almost 1%)


In the above article, we have the best memory card recovery software, that is, RecoverIt. We highly recommend this software as the lost memory card data can be recovered effortlessly. You can also use this software for photo recovery from memory. Also, RecoverIt can be used to get back lost data from portable hard drive, recycle bin, computer or any external USB too. All this recovery from any type of external device as well as internal places can be done effortlessly. No actual efforts are needed. All you need is the software and some patience. The software can also be used easily by computer beginners as it has an easy-to-use interface that is user-friendly.