Great Games for Your Browser with HTML5

Gaming is fun, and playing games on your computer, laptop or mobile using internet or browser has gained momentum. With recent switch by developers using Javascript to HTML5, the gaming industry is taken by storm.

Unlike Flash, that posed many restrictions for game developers, HTML5 has opened a new door in providing total different experience to browser-based games.  Today, games developed using HTML5 can do what flash couldn’t and much more.

Use of HTML5 allows developed to build applications, stream videos in HD, provide accelerated graphics, cool visuals, and sleek animations.

So if you wish to enjoy some of these awesome browser-based HTML5 games, tuck in your seat belt as we are going on a roller coaster with a list of highly demanded and addictive games.

Note: These games function great with only the latest browsers like Chrome,Firefox, and Safari.

  1. HexGL: It is fast, futuristic and extreme car games build using HTML5 and gives you better control of a racing spaceship from keyboard or touchscreen or even a leap motion controller.
  2. God’s will be watching: It’s quite creepy but still a fantastic game where you have to survive with a team of six members for forty days. The game plot is isolation and survival and keeping team members sane and fed.
  3. Free Rider HD: An addictive bike racing game where players can draw their track, and you can race down that track or share your track for others to ride and enjoy.
  4. Poly raft: It’s a correctly built 3D game that runs smoothly wherein you have to create your stuff using resources you collect by completing the quest and fighting battles etc.
  5. Angry birds: The most popular game of its time is now available for your browser build using HTML5.
  6. The Wizard: It’s a challenging game that requires strategy and gameplay. It’s a dungeon crawler, and you have to face monsters and spells to escape.
  7. Pixel Race: This car race game is based on a straightforward concept, wherein you control the car to avoid collisions and collect coins at the same time, just that the speed keeps on increasing, and you have to race as fast as you can. Good time pass game.
  8. Arena5: You have to fly and shoot a digital field, your geometric enemies and create high scores for others to compete. Simple yet interesting.
  9. Biolab Disaster: Now If you know zombies you would know this game too. It’s an awesomely designed pixel platformer. In this game, you need to escape a bio lag that has met disaster and has created mutated creatures.
  10. World’s Biggest Pac-Man: Pac-Man has been a famous game, but the biggest maze of Pac-Man can be something quite not beatable. Probably it would be good if you don’t challenge someone for it.

Well, these are some of the most amazing and big time-pass games that are based on HTML5, and there are few that you already have seen but not these versions. It’s a different experience and enticement when you lay your hands on this game.