Best Toolkit Apps for Android

Toolkit apps refer to the apps that can perform a lot of tweaking on the go. Since a rooted Android device can be customized easily, there are so many apps that can perform tweaking on the go. Here is a list of a few apps that are regarded as the best utility toolkit apps for rooted Android devices.

  • Lucky Patcher –Lucky Patcher APK tops the list over here are it is certainly the best tweaking app toolkit on Android. First of all, the app runs only on rooted Android devices so make sure to root your devices before. Anyway, with Lucky Patcher app, users can perform so many customizations for free. This means that you can customize the way the apps run on your device. What it does is that it gets rid of in-app licenses that unlocks every important feature and detail of the apps / games. You will be able to unlock levels in video games, get unlimited experience points and a lot more for free. Download Lucky Patcher for Android today and tweak your device today. Apps will be more fun to use with Lucky Patcher. Download Lucky Patcher for free from
  • Magisk–It is an Android toolkit that allows for system-less rooting. This kind of rooting is great and often undoable as well. There are plenty of reasons why people love Magisk. First and foremost being that it is absolutely safe to use. There are no bugs or anything in this app and the rooting process is 100% safe as well. There is no need to connect your device to a computer or anything. Simply install Magisk and root it anytime and anywhere.Magisk can also hide the root status of your device for apps like Netflix and Amazon. Some Android apps do not work correctly on rooted devices. Thus, Magisk is a great app to use if you want seamless rooting on the go (for free).
  • SuperSU–A SuperUser access is needed for rooted devices. This access is very useful as with the SuperSU a lot of tweaks can be performed (for free). These are the privileged access codes that are necessary for an Android device. The SuperUser is referred to as the highest authority user for a rooted Android system. It is needed for a healthy running of an Android system. It can command the system to uninstall system apps and that is why it is very important. You will have the supreme control over your device once you get this app installed. The SuperSU comes for free and is often installed while rooting the device. Others can get it downloadedonline for free.
  • Quick Reboot – Rebooting an android device can be time consuming. As there are so many bloatwares installed on certain Android devices, the rebooting process can get annoying at times. With Quick Reboot, the process gets reduced to mere 10-20 seconds or so. This is quarter to an average Android device. Thus, with Quick Reboot, all of the reboot tests get dissolved and the user gets simple and clean rebooting. Download Quick Reboot online for free for your rooted Android devices. A quick reboot makes the device run smoothly and it also increases the battery life.Download it today for free to unravel more about Quick Reboot app for Android.
  • Dumpster –This acts just like the Recycle Bin on Windows and the Trash on Mac. What it does is that, it temporarily stores the files, folders, apps, games, icons, audio, video and photos for a period of time before they are permanently deleted from the device. You can recover files easily form Dumpster (that stores the items as archives in the root directory). This, Dumpster needs a rooted device to run perfectly.It even comes with a password/pin protection just to save these files from unwanted access. Thus, download Dumpster for your rooted Android smartphones and tablets today (free). There is no need to install any file recovery app till you have Dumpster installed on your device.