6 Things About Foot Tattoos That You Should Know

Many people like to get inked on their feet. There are a lot of misconceptions that arise from foot tattoos and this ultimately leads to people avoiding it altogether. Nonetheless, it is a great place to get inked and can be as significant as the rest of your body. In this article, we’ll tell you a few things about foot tattoos that you should probably know – and maybe that will erase some misconceptions you may have about the process.

  1. It Won’t Hurt As Much As You Think It Will

Most people make a big deal about getting a tattoo on the feet. If you’ve looked up or consulted heavily tattooed people about tattoos, you will definitely have received a lot of description about the pain you will have to ensure if you attempt inking your feet. Well, for any tattoo, you will have to invest a bit of pain, but it will definitely not be so great as you have been told.

  1. Size Matters

You need to be specific about the size of the tattoo which will be drawn. Tattoo artists hate drawing tiny tattoos, we can tell you that. Since the feet are a very small area, you need to decide on how big your tattoo will be. Do not go to the parlour without anything in mind. It also helps to get it drawn by a marker before finalising a tattoo.

  1. One Foot, One More Foot, Red Foot, Blue Foot!

For your safety and your benefit, we advise you not to get tattooed on both feet simultaneously. Always maintain a gap of a month or two between the two tattoos. You will experience swelling in your foot after the tattoo has been drawn. This is not unnatural and you need not worry. However, if the swelling persists and rashes appear, it would be a good idea to consult a dermatologist for treatment. Look up some symptoms here which could help you tell if your tattoo is infected.

  1. Be Gentle On My Tattoo!

You need to be careful when dealing with your tattoo. Do not pull off scabs, do not itch and do not apply the moisturiser inconveniently. Be gentle on your foot. Failing to do this will ultimately cause you skin infections that could be annoying. For the first couple of weeks after getting the tattoo, you must be very careful to not let sweat smudge it. It is also of great importance to keep it away from the sun. To help yourself, you may use a medicinal bandage or cover. Speak to your tattoo artist and he will be able to guide on caring for your tattoo.

5.Bossy Boots

Your choice of shoes will be severely limited. Since shoes might brush against the tattoo and mess it up, you will need to select your footwear effectively. Better still would be choosing the placement of the tattoo correctly, even before it is drawn. You should select a spot that would be visible without interfering with the area covered by your shoes.

  1. You Might Want Another One

Most tattoo artists have said that people who get one tattoo done come back for another in a few months. The reason may be the adrenaline which you get from getting your first tattoo might compel you to get a second one. If you have such a desire, it depends entirely on your decision and self control to get yourself another round of ink. In our opinion, we’d never ask you to say no to art.

A tattoo is a brilliant style statement and just like the rest of your body, there is no reason at all to discriminate with your feet. It is perfectly  healthy to get inked there and if you have done it before, you’ll know the magical reactions people give you. Brave yourself, go ahead and get that tattoo on your feet. Flaunt your style and be proud about it!