How Commercial Roof Coatings Help Against Storms

When you want your business to be protected from storms, it’s important to have a roof that’s both durable and weather resistant. That’s where commercial roof coatings come in. These coatings are highly reflective, preventing new holes from developing and helping to reduce energy costs. The best part about these coatings is that they also improve energy efficiency by reducing the temperature of the roof. In addition to this, they reduce work for your HVAC system.

roofing system is a vital part of a business, because a roof can become a weakened structure if it leaks. Water seeps into internal roof parts, causing rotting and mold growth. Roof coating systems prevent this problem by sealing roof surface cracks and adding a layer of support to the roof. They’re also a great way to keep animals from getting into the building through roof cracks.

Roof coatings are also useful for business owners because they help protect their buildings from environmental disasters. They can also help reduce the temperature of the roof, reducing the need for air conditioning and other utilities. Because of their protective qualities, they can also extend the lifespan of your roof. It also helps preserve the integrity of your roof and makes it safer from punctures and tears. Ultimately, it can help protect your business from any storm.

Moreover, commercial roof coatings can protect the interior of the building from water damage. They create a barrier between the inner roof and water, preventing the latter from penetrating into the building. Strong storms can even knock down a few trees. Heavy branches can cause structural damage to the building. This is why it’s essential to prune and cut down unhealthy trees in the vicinity of the building.

Polyurethane roofing systems are typically solvent-based and come in two basic types: aromatic and aliphatic. Aliphatic polyurethanes are UV-resistant and highly flexible. Urethanes are also durable and UV-resistant, so they’re an excellent choice for areas with heavy foot traffic. However, they’re not ideal for places with high UV exposure, such as coastal regions or ponding water.

Another way commercial roof coatings can protect your property is by increasing its lifespan. Compared to regular wear and tear, commercial roof coatings can actually help protect your roof and reduce its cost. In addition, they provide a waterproof layer for a flat roof and can improve the fire resistance of the roof system. When compared to other types of roofing materials, commercial roof coatings can extend the life of a flat roof by several years.

Roofing systems should be checked regularly for signs of damage or drainage problems. If ponding has occurred, consider installing a coating on your roof. A coated roof will prevent fine cracks, known as crazing, from developing. Lastly, it will protect your commercial roof from further damage, including wind and hail. If you suspect your business may be susceptible to storm damage, contact a commercial roof coating company today.