7 Best Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are functional rooms that succumb to a lot of wear and tear. We use them day in, and day out, so more often than not, the constant usage will make them look dated even when they are not that old.

Regardless of the frequent utilization, they seem to come last when it is time for renovating. The reason for that is that a full bathroom renovation requires everything to be ripped away and replaced. 

Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you feel like changing things up. Limit your budget, employ your DIY skills, and get creative!

A lot of inventive ideas can freshen up your bathroom and give it a new appearance without the high cost. Check out the latest bathroom rug trends and design tips.

We can offer you a couple of practical, budget-friendly pieces of advice to inspire your new bathroom design. Read this article and decide what works best for you.

1. Get the best for the worst

Before you start, it is necessary to assess your current bathroom state. Look around and note what unpleasantly catches your eye. Once you decide what that object is, and you are confident that there is no salvaging or mending that can restore it, hire a professional, and get it replaced. This will be the one thing you spent more money on and get it done professionally. 

Depending on your perspective, as well as the condition of your bathroom, it can apply to anything.

For example, instead of re-tiling the whole bathroom, focus on high-impact areas like the floor, and change only the worn-out tiles.

2. Upgrade the faucets and showerheads

To put it simply, a small detail goes a long way into creating a polished, elegant look. Faucets and showerheads are inexpensive and are easy to replace.

Replacing them will save you time and money since you won’t have to hire an expert, and can install them yourself. Even if you don’t have much experience, video tutorials will guide, and help you learn a new skill along the way.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to shake things up. According to Mats and Rugs, instead of classic chrome taps, you can look into matte black or shimmering metallics to add a contemporary touch.

You can go even further, and not change them at all. If your fixtures are in good condition, nevertheless you want to improve their looks, try spraying them with a primer and metal paint. That will provide the new-age metallic look for the price of a spray-can.

3. Work on the grout

Grouting is the cement-like thing that is between the tiles and works to keep moisture away from your walls. The grout is often white, and after some time it can get discoloured and dirty, making your bathroom unsightly.

The cheapest way to upgrade the looks of your bathroom is to clean and restore the appearance of the grout. Start simple and give it a thorough scrubbing with every-day household cleaners.

If that does not yield the desired effect, get a grout pen. A grout pen is a handy gadget that helps you spread a layer of paint on to the grout. With this in mind, you can not only freshen up the bathroom but also give it a new colour and a modern look.

4. Paint 

Repainting is the cheapest, most effective way to upgrade, and you can do it with the least amount of DIY skills. Painting a bathroom may be easy, but it is also time-consuming. The reason for that is that the majority of the wall space is taken up with mirrors, tiles, cabinets, which leave a few square feet to paint.

On the other hand, prepare a fair amount of painter’s tape, and be patient since working your way around those elements requires good focus. The colour choices are limitless. Select a colour that will brighten your bathroom and fit in well with the new, upgraded design.

5. Decorate with tile stickers 

It is common for bathroom tiles to be outdated. Redoing the tiles is such a complicated and expensive job that it is left undone for decades, and that can show on the overall bathroom style. One creative way to surpass the demanding process of re-tiling is to use tile stickers.

These stickers come in a variety of colourful, beautiful patterns that will enrich your bathroom. Most importantly, they are an affordable solution to updating tiles in your home. When installed correctly, bathroom tile stickers will stand up to the heat and moisture that is expected and shared in bathrooms.

6. Install new fixtures

Installing new fixtures is not only good for livening up your bathroom, but it is also a useful trick for when you are tight on space. Features such as hooks to hang towels and toiletry, bags to store bathroom essentials give that valuable extra space.

It’s a good idea to add open glass shelves as a place to display decorative bathroom bottles or other fancy accessories. Moreover, you can add a towel warmer that is both practical and good-looking or even some new light fixtures.

There are plenty of options for such installations in a bathroom. We advise you to get creative and use your walls to the fullest.

7. Coordinate accessories

Do not forget about accessorizing your bathroom. Small knick-knacks can go a long way into creating a streamlined, matching look. Start with the primary colours of your bathroom and pick accessories in a contrasting hue from the existing decor.

Some of the accessories can be purely decorative, and others can be things you use daily. It is a good idea to use stuff like soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, towels as a means of decor.

Price-wise, you do not have to go overboard while trying to match these washroom accessories. Look around in your supermarket, and you will be surprised to find high-end looking toiletries for an affordable price.


To summarize, upgrading your bathroom should be a mix of both design and functionality. It is ideal to select what style appeals to you and match it up with the requirements and budget needed to achieve that.

We advise you to take time and think thoroughly to attain the desired goals you have in mind. While doing that, try to incorporate these affordable and straightforward remodelling ideas.