Sand, Flagstone & Soil Landscape Supply Service

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is the leading industry leader in landscape supply services. They offer comprehensive and high-quality materials for any landscaping project no matter how big or small it may be!

This company specializes in all things related to landscapes – from stone walls, drainage systems, bark mulch topsoil and more they have every product you need when planning your next garden project around town with over 30 years of experience working on projects large and small.


Mason sand is truly a versatile type of sand. It makes an excellent water access point on your property, and can be used for running plumbing pipelines or laying out pavers as part of the base foundation in construction projects such as building patios – you’ll blend well into any plaster borders!

Our white colour also makes this mason’s version perfect to use when plumbers are working on turning raw materials into finished products like stucco work.

We do not typically utilize our Mason Sand for decorative purposes because it is more fit towards practicality than style; however, some subcontractors may want to use the material that we have available while they craft unique designs within their own field.


Ebony Black Flagstones are the most popular flagstone at Rock Pros Landscape Supply. They feature a shimmering sheen that sets your home apart from others in your neighbourhood and comes in different sizes like medium or large size. The price for these varies depending on how much you want but there’s always plenty of ways to save by bundling orders online!


Rock Pros Landscape Supply, a place to find all your landscaping needs. Screen topsoil is perfect for planting trees or creating grassy areas; sand and gravel are great for building sandboxes. The 50/50 blend can be used when you want soil with good drainage but still ideal moisture levels: it’s got plenty of organic matter in it too!

If you’re looking to create the optimal growing conditions possible at home, Rock Pros has what could work best Our specially-formulated Grower’s Blend contains high amounts of organic material.

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is your one-stop-shop for all things landscaping. With expert guidance and friendly service, we will help you achieve the landscape of your dreams at affordable prices that won’t break the bank! Visit us in Lincoln today to learn more about how Rock Pro can make a positive impact on your business or your clients’ home’s exterior.