Good Hands Massage: Massage Therapy Citrus

Good Hands Massage offers a variety of massage therapies, such as full-body Swedish massages and deep tissue reflexology foot massages. We also provide fresh linens and Chinese tea to ensure that you have the most comfortable visit possible!

Full Body Massage

We use two types of massage in our Citrus Heights Full Body Massage services. Swedish, the most popular technique that uses heavy pressure and long gliding strokes to relax muscle tension helps produce a state known as “long-term relaxation” which is beneficial for your overall health! Ashiatsu provides deeper tissue massages with techniques performed by feet instead of hands because it breaks up deep knots in muscles more effectively than regular Swedish massage does.

If you’re not quite sure what type of massage would be good for your needs, both full body and Ashiatsu are common types. Full body is a popular service that can stand on its own or as part of our combo specials with reflexology foot massages!

Deep Tissue Massage

Our Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage combines Western and Eastern techniques to provide a holistic approach for an overall improvement in your health, including resistance from stress. This is achieved by releasing tension through the systematic application of pressure on contracted areas. The body can only fully heal when tensions are released below the surface as well; this creates peace within oneself that contributes to ease in resisting stressors outside of one’s control.

I had a wonderful experience with Deep Tissue Massage in Citrus Heights, CA. This massage focused on the deep muscles and it was able to get rid of the lower back pain that I’ve been dealing with since getting into an accident last year. The study also says how you can use this for more specific relief like joint stiffness after sitting all day or stubborn leg pain from working out too hard!

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is a relaxing technique that involves massaging the hands and feet to stimulate different points throughout the body, thus promoting well-being. Reflexologists believe there are reflex points followed by energy lines running up the arms and legs which can be used to alleviate symptoms in other parts of our bodies.

Foot reflexology is similar to deep-tissue massage but does not require any clothes to be removed. This means people who are uncomfortable or unable enjoy full services may still find a great deal of utility in Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology. The pressure and strokes applied help balance the body’s health can sometimes treat conditions such as autoimmune disorders, inflammation, mental illness.”

Interested in more than one type of massage? Good Hands Massage’s Citrus Heights location offers combination services! Every visit starts with a fresh towel and fluffy robe. Call our Auburn Boulevard office or set up an appointment at any time.