Duck Hunters Need to Check Out the Magnum Hen

The Magnum Hen is one of JJ Lares’ newest additions to their lineup, but it’s quickly becoming a favourite among hunters. This call gives you that commanding hen mallard demanding presence which can really open up tuleys when used correctly.

The sound from this hybrid-style duck call bolsters the sound and provides a commanding hen mallard presence for those hunting time calls in large groups or pairs of birds flying above the marshy field below on an early morning hunt. When looking for quality duck calls look no further than Kittles Outdoor because we carry top brands like JJ Lares.

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport, a family-owned business since 1999 and is based in Colusa, California. The store is known throughout the state for its vast inventory of waterfowl supplies that make it popular among hunters as well as fishers alike due to their proximity near various wildlife refuges where hunting or fishing are allowed.

While Kittle’s has one of the best bass departments in America with close access to several prime locations nearby including Grey Life Wildlife Area and Delevan Sutter Colusa National Wildlife Refuge Assateague Island National Seashore Provo River Preserve and more!

Kittle’s employees are well-trained in hunting and fishing, so we think that you should have the right equipment for your outdoor needs as well as access to information about where to go and when.

About JJ Lares

Why is Chico known as a city that produces one of the world’s most sought-after duck calls? It is home to JJ Lares, which has been bestowed with several accolades by different organizations.

For any waterfowl hunter, JJ Lares calls are a wonderful gift. They’re very simple to blow into and easy to use for beginner or skilled hunters who want great sound at an excellent volume with little effort. Made of cast acrylic in black (the most popular colour), these calls come in all shapes and sizes but tend towards the simpler designs that require less air pressure than more intricate ones…

 About the Magnum

The Magnum JJ Lares call is a favourite of Kittle’s customers and hunters throughout the country for its high-quality sounds, especially with easy use in areas where hunting regulations require similar-sounding mallards or wood ducks.

The Magnum Hen, developed by JJ Lares, has been an instant success among our regular clients as well as new ones who come into the store looking for something different to try out on those “big girls”. We know one thing after over 20 years of selling this product; it works! People are always blown away by the ease of use and efficacy.

Kittles Outdoor is a top duck call dealer, carrying brands like JJ Lares duck calls. We have several great products including the new addition from JJ Lares: The Magnum Hen Hybrid-Call that emulates and enhances natural mallard sounds by giving off a powerful hen presence above marshlands! Come to Kittles if you’re looking for high-quality calls at competitive prices because we emphasize this on our website with informative articles about each product as well as plenty of customer testimonials – all backed up by excellent reviews online and in person!