Discover Unparalleled Luxury at The Golden Tusk Resort: Ideal Base for Exploring Places to Visit Near Jim Corbett

Nestled beside the Reserve Forest, The Golden Tusk Resort in Ramnagar not only offers an extraordinary retreat in itself but also serves as the perfect base for exploring enchanting places near Jim Corbett. Our resort, spread over 10 acres of greenery on the banks of the Dhela river, provides a luxurious haven for nature lovers seeking tranquility and opulence.

Places to Visit Near Jim Corbett from The Golden Tusk Resort:

1. Garjiya Devi Temple:

Within proximity to our resort, the sacred Garjiya Devi Temple beckons. Immerse yourself in spiritual tranquility while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Kosi River.

2. Jim Corbett Museum:

Delve into the legacy of Jim Corbett at the museum in Kaladhungi, just a short drive away. Explore the life and contributions of the legendary conservationist in a captivating journey through history.

3. Dhikala Zone:

Embark on an adventure to the core of Jim Corbett National Park with a visit to the Dhikala Zone. Revel in the diversity of wildlife and landscapes within easy reach from our resort.

4. Corbett Waterfall:

For a natural retreat, venture to the Corbett Waterfall, accessible through a scenic drive. Experience the serenity of the forest as you make your way to this captivating cascade.

5. Kalagarh Dam:

Take a leisurely drive to the Kalagarh Dam, offering a tranquil setting against the stunning backdrop of the Shivalik Range. Immerse yourself in birdwatching or enjoy a peaceful riverside escape.

6. Corbett Falls:

Explore the lush surroundings near our resort and discover Corbett Falls, a hidden gem surrounded by verdant greenery. A serene stroll through the forest leads to this natural spectacle.

7. Sitabani Wildlife Reserve:

Nature enthusiasts will find bliss in the Sitabani Wildlife Reserve, an offbeat destination near The Golden Tusk Resort. Encounter diverse flora and fauna in a quieter, less-explored wildlife sanctuary.

8. Ramganga River:

For those seeking riverside bliss, the Ramganga River provides an ideal escape. Whether you crave adventure through river rafting or a tranquil riverside picnic, this nearby gem has it all.

Indulge in the opulence of The Golden Tusk Resort, your gateway to unparalleled luxury, and make it your starting point for exploring the captivating places near Jim Corbett. Elevate your experience with us, where luxury meets adventure seamlessly.