Cool Carports

Hot enough to fry an egg…

Growing up in Tucson we learned early on to shield both person and property from the sizzling, Southern Arizona, summer sun.  “It’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk,” was a phrase often heard when talking about the weather.

In case you are wondering, it is possible to cook an egg on the sidewalk in Southern Arizona. I have seen it done. To safely and thoroughly cook an egg the surface temperature must be at least 158°.  Reaching that surface temperature on sun-soaked concrete or asphalt is easy during the hottest months of the year in the American southwest.

Any toys left out in the yard during the summer, such as rubber balls, leather gloves or plastic dolls, will fade, get brittle, crack, disintegrate and be ruined in a quick amount of time.

An inexpensive folding, aluminum lawn chair with polypropylene webbing, purchased at the beginning of summer on Memorial Day, if left in the Arizona sun, would be ruined by the Fourth of July.  Tucsonans learn after just one season the necessity of putting items away in a shady place to keep it from the unavoidable sun rot.

We all know the dangerous heat inside a parked car in the direct sun with all the windows sealed.  Due to the greenhouse effect the inside of a car can heat up to over to 200°.  That amount of heat can cause a lot of damage to the cars interior in a short amount of time.

It’s important to protect your car by finding a shady place to park.

The good people at Westerner Products are known as the Shade Experts of Southern Arizona. The locally owned company has been providing quality shade products in the desert since 1966. One of Westerner’s most popular products is a custom carport.

Made for shade

Protecting your car with shade keeps it looking new and maintains its value.  “The truth is, the sun can damage your car after extended periods of exposure and this hurts the resale value of your car.  Paint will oxidize and fade, rubber trim will harden and become brittle, interior upholstery and dash boards will dry up, fade and crack, and your headlights will become cloudy and dull when left in the sun.

There is no worse feeling than getting into an overheated car that has been sitting in the sun. The best thing you can do is to park your car in the shade when it is not in use.

Westerner Products has a long history of building custom, maintenance-free carports for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you have just one car or need a double carport, or shade for a dozen cars, Westerner Products will design and install a quality carport to meet your needs.

Don’t settle on a cheap carport kit. Each Westerner Products carport is custom built, whether you want one that attaches to the side of your house or one that stands alone on your property.  Westerner Products will design any size or shape carport you desire to accommodate one or more vehicles including unique designs for your travel trailer, motocycle or boat. Your carport can be designed with just a roof, or you can choose aluminum siding for added protection.  Many of the Westerner Products carport designs come with gutters and rainspouts and are virtually maintenance free.

Shade Specialists

Westerner Products, Inc. began from humble beginnings back in 1966 by selling aluminum awning at affordable prices with outstanding customer service. Along with custom carports, Westerner Products now provides a full range of building products including simple screen enclosures for your house to quality constructed sun rooms and Arizona rooms built with glass to maintain a beautiful view of your surroundings.  Westerner Products also installs maintenance-free pool enclosures.

Westerner Products is known for installing beautiful lattice shades for patios or pergolas.  Made from aluminum with a natural wood grain appearance your outdoor entertainment area with beautiful and distinctive shade patterns will remain cool while maintaining strength of construction, durability and maintenance-free operation.

Westerner Products specialize in low maintenance siding and fascia for any kind of existing structure including buildings with stucco. Choose from vinyl, aluminum or wood siding in different colors with vertical or horizontal construction.

For manufactured homes and other metal structures, Westerner Products installs Insulated Metal Foam Roof System. The metal foam roof combines the durability of painted aluminum with the insulating qualities of polystyrene foam to protect and insulate specifically for the Sonoran desert climate.

Westerner Products also designs and installs steel roofs in a variety of finishes, shapes and styles. Many of the steel roofs have a manufacturer’s lifetime paint finish warranty.

You can also take advantage of adjustable shade with operational lattice shade that opens and closes for patio covers, picnic shelters and more.

And finally, Westerner Products can help you design and install any kind of metal building, metal garages or steel structure.

As shade experts, Westerner Products, Inc. has a large variety of ways to bring you shade from your patio to your carport.

RV Carport Experts

If you are looking for protection from Mother Nature for your RV, Westerner Products is your best option for metal RV covers.  A durable steel building or freestanding carports made from highest quality products are a great solution for protection for your RV.  Westerner Products will assess your needs including your site plan, property lines and available square feet in your yard, design a custom size steel frame building or cover to protect your RV from harsh weather conditions.

The installation process with Westerner Products is professional, timely and clean. The building specialists at Westerner Products will work with you from the preliminary design of the drawing board, to determining the best location of the carport, to choosing the best construction materials and design including roof style and roof materials, types of side panels and color options.

We all can use extra storage space. Utility carports are commonplace in the United States and working with the building specialists at Westerner Products is a great option.

Increase the value of your home

With decades of experience, Westerner Products, Inc. has the expertise to design and construct the perfect carport that will add to the value of your house. With built-in quality and the convenience of maintenance-free aluminum, your home will have much more curb appeal with a distinct selling feature in the carport.

Westerner Products experienced staff includes employees who have been with the company for more than 25 years. Constructed with quality materials and acclaimed high-end construction values, a Westerner Products carport will grow in value each and every year. Your home will increase in both financial value and sales appeal.

Westerner Products offers competitive pricing and, with the use of quality materials and highest workmanship standards, is the best option for long-term performance and durability.

Here comes the sun

As the summers get hotter and the inevitable changing of the seasons in Southern Arizona brings with it a relentless barrage of damaging ultraviolet rays, you owe it to yourself and your family to provide protection from the sun with a steel carport or other metal structure.

Over the last half century, Westerner Products has improved numerous private and commercial property locations with shade projects. Thousands of maintenance-free, aluminum carports, patio covers and distinctive shaded picnic areas across southern Arizona stand steadfast as monuments to the quality work Westerner Products provides.

Westerner can help you with all necessary building permits and permit applications and can insure quality construction to meet any inspection. Increase the lifespan of your car and the value and beauty of your home with a Westerner Products carport. Call Westerner Products experienced sales staff to discuss your shading needs.

This article is republished with permission from Westerner Products.