All you need to know before choosing the perfect arrow length

When it comes to choosing the perfect arrow length, not many people pay much attention to it. Everyone, while doing archery, is always more conscious about their postures, drawing the arrows, and mostly shooting the target smoothly. But very few are actually aware that in order to shoot the target smoothly, selecting the perfect arrow length is extremely important. 

1. Why emphasize the arrow length?

First of all, just like any other aspect, the arrow length plays quite an important role behind making a mediocre archer an extraordinary one. If an archer wishes to shoot the target smoothly, then with a lot of other aspects like posture, draw length, and weight of an arrow should also emphasize on selecting the correct arrow length for them.

The perfect arrow length will not only provide full control over it but will also provide the perfect draw length according to your height. Other than that, it also ensures the utmost safety. As an archer, no one will ever afford to hurt their hands, and this is a serious issue because if an archer hurts their hand, they will hamper their career as well.

Other than that, if you do not have proper control over your arrow, then you can throw it in the wrong ways, which can hurt you or people surrounding you. No archer definitely wants this to happen, and this is why we are emphasizing so much on the arrow length.

2. How to get the perfect arrow length?

In order to know which arrow length is perfect for you, you need to take an arrow that is one inch longer than your hand. You can stand up and up your hand forward with your palm out.

Next, you can ask someone to measure the distance from your palm to your chest and add an inch to that measurement and choose an arrow that is of the ultimate measured value. This is the easiest way you can opt for to get the perfect length arrow.

Another way you can opt for choosing the perfect arrow length is by measuring your draw length. Here you have to take your bow and draw the string back to your comfortable position how you would do while firing an arrow.

Ask someone to measure this distance and add an inch extra to it. Now, this is your perfect arrow length. Choose an arrow that is the ultimate measurement taken. This process is, however, capable of giving you a better and more accurate arrow length. 

3. Is a shorter arrow length the ideal one for archery?

There is a misconception that revolves in the sport that choosing a shorter arrow will give you better control, and firing will be easier also. This is a misconception because short arrows are definitely not meant for everyone.

If an archer’s draw length is bigger than the arrow itself, they will never have proper control for firing the arrow and will for sure hurt their hands while drawing the arrow. This is a huge health hazard; hence choosing shorter arrow length is not always the correct thing to do. Make sure your arrow length is supporting your draw length and providing you comfort while firing as well.