The Qualities That Make a Good Salesperson

Salesperson is a term that is often used loosely. Instead of just being someone who sells something, it can also refer to someone who communicates in a persuasive and engaging manner.

A good salesperson needs to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. They need to know how to read people and know when to push for the sale. A good salesperson will be able to sell anything from food products, products for pets, products for kids, products for seniors and more!

To help you in your search for the perfect salesperson in your company, we’ve compiled this handy list of qualities and skills that make a great one!

Why are salespeople important?

Sales people are a key part of any business. Their role is to develop and maintain relationships with customers. They’re responsible for finding new customers, developing customer satisfaction, and retaining old ones!

A good sales person should have the following qualities:

* Confidence – A customer needs to feel comfortable making a purchase from a sales person who communicates well

* Comfortable in their own skin- This is especially important when it comes to certain topics, like products for kids or products for seniors. The customer will be able to tell if the salesperson knows what they’re talking about or not

* Communication skills- A good salesman or saleswoman will be able to communicate in an engaging and persuasive manner

* Motivation- Without motivation, a salesman or saleswoman won’t be able to persuade the customer into buying their product

What qualities make a great salesperson?

A good salesperson is more than just someone who can sell. They have fantastic listening skills, great communication skills, and are able to work well in a team environment.

Sales people need to be confident enough to speak their mind and offer solutions confidently. They need to know how to read people and know when it’s appropriate to push for the sale. 

Salespeople need to be able to multitask while they are on the job. They need excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, in order to represent your company well. Good salespeople are proficient at generating ideas on the fly, while also being able to take direction from people with more experience. 

Good sales reps are hard to come by which is why a lot of companies place a lot of incentives and attractive methods of compensation to keep their sales teams motivated.

Communication skills

Salespeople need to be able to communicate in a persuasive and engaging manner. They need to speak with people, understand their needs, and know how to sell.

Good salespeople are able to build trust by providing customers with information about products or services that they don’t even have yet.

With effective communication skills, the salesperson can then generate more interest in their company by creating an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns.

Salespeople will also want to make sure they are doing their best job at understanding what the customer is looking for. This way they can guide them through the buying process and create a better experience for them.

Sales skills

A natural curiosity

Salespeople should always be curious about their products and what they can do for customers. Curiosity is an attractive quality that many salespeople lack; it’s one of the main reasons people don’t like sales. Curiosity also means having the ability to ask questions without appearing intrusive or nosy.


Understanding your customers and meeting their needs takes time, which means salespeople need patience. They need to be willing to put in the work and wait for opportunities. The more comfortable they are with waiting, the more likely they are to succeed.

Persuasive skills

Effective salespeople know how to sell themselves and their product or service by understanding the customer’s needs and wants before presenting any solutions. Persuasive skills are especially important when it comes to “selling” yourself internally in the company, where you’re known as a “salesperson.”