Terms and conditions

At Adsvoo you get top-notch search engine marketing services from the most efficient specialists in the industry. We initiate the process of campaigning once our clients are aware of the entire procedure and initiate the payment as well.

We have a detailed list of terms and conditions in order to carry on our operations smoothly.

Adsvoo Search engine marketing services will be comprised of the following:

  • Procuring “backlinks” from third-party websites, blogs, and other sources to enhance the link visibility.
  • Composing visual documents, ads, and other content.
  • Generating placement and submitting reports.

The following are to be followed and acknowledged in terms of availing our Search Engine Marketing services:

  • Any payment made for availing of the services is non-refundable.
  • All the payments, documents, reports made as well as recommendations are considered confidential data.
  • Adsvoo is not responsible for the policies of search engines in terms of what types of content they accept for publication currently or in the future. If the client’s website is excluded from the website or blog or search engine ever Adsvoo will not take responsibility for that.
  • Adsvoo will not be responsible for a website or blog owner’s decision of removing the client’s links or content from their platform. If that happens no payment will be refunded either.
  • Any damage happening to the client is not the responsibility of Adsvoo, be it any incidental or consequential issue, loss of profits, or the denial of claims done by third-party websites. The client will have to analyze any issue they probably will face before availing of our services.
  • Adsvoo will not provide any surety over the rapid enhancement of search engine position for any keyword or other terms.
  • If the client faces any issue arising due to their decision of linking their website with “bad neighborhoods”, Adsvoo will not be responsible for that.
  • Adsvoo will not be responsible if the client website’s ranking decreases due tony the change made by any third party.

Policy with a nondisclosure agreement

At Adsvoo we don’t sign any separate Non-disclosure agreement with our clients but we can assure our clients that as per our own policies we maintain non-disclosure practices thoroughly. 

We make sure that whatever information is provided to us by our clients is considered confidential data and will not be disclosed to any third party without the consent of the client.

Restriction policy of Adsvoo

Adsvoo can cancel any order placed by websites that are illegal or deals with explicit content or belong to any unethical industry.

Any company selling unethical services, products, promoting objectionable or degrading content which is protecting, hate, racism towards a section of people, showing cruelty towards animals, children will not be served by Adsvoo with the services. 

Companies selling drugs, promoting gambling and casinos, and selling adult toys fall under a separate category and can avail of our services after consulting with our specialists. If any company is unaware regarding their practices or if they wish to know whether their policies violate our restrictions or not they need to contact us first.