Privacy policy

At Adsvoo we make sure every information provided to us by our clients is guarded with utmost efficiency. We understand the importance of maintaining the privacy of confidential data, hence no information we collect for the initiation of marketing procedures we use lawfully and ethically. Whatever guidelines are given to us by our clients we make sure to follow them thoroughly and also maintain the quality of our services, keep them transparent and devoid of any malpractices as well.

Our privacy policy is very much sorted in order to keep our clients’ data secured and our operations smooth as well.

Our privacy policy explains the following:

  • Our company and our operations.
  • The data we store and collect.
  • Personal data.
  • Information belonging to special categories.
  • Cookies.
  • Data retention procedures.
  • What are the protocols of data collection we follow
  • To whom we share your information and why.
  • What are the processes of keeping your information secured?
  • Client rights.
  • Marketing preferences.
  • The procedure of contacting our team.

Our company and our operations

At Adsvoo we specialize in providing outstanding quality search engine marketing services to companies who are struggling to enhance their visibility online. In today’s situation where digitalization is happening at a rapid pace, it is important that companies look forward to establishing themselves online. Our search engine marketing services make sure we make good use of our clients’ data and help them enhance their visibility. 

We focus on providing compliant and transparent services devoid of any unethical practices and fake promises.

What data do we store and collect?

The personal information we require from our clients comprises their name, company name address, and phone numbers as well. These are all considered personal information unless clients give us the consent of making them available to the public. 

The kind of data we collect solely depends on the service procedure and mostly includes:

  • Client’s contact details.
  • Client’s payment details.
  • Identification or verification documents and data.

We take your personal information when you avail of our services, sign a contract with us. Register on our website or for our news articles and newsletters as well. Other than that we do not indulge in any hidden means to procure your personal data against your will.


These are certain minute information that your computer or other systems hold about your access to other websites. These stores some information or personal data like your surname or your first name for targeted usage. Cookies basically give websites a chance to work comprehensively and also provide the webmasters with a clear view of your activities associated with their site.

You have the freedom of modifying the cookie setting from your browser so that they are not accepted by the latter, but this will disable the website features as well.

Data retention procedures

We only focus on your personal data when required for the services, after the purpose is fulfilled we securely dispose of your personal data. We make sure that information is no longer available to anybody for any purpose.

What are the procedures of data collection?

Whatever basis we follow to collect your personal data we do it lawfully and ethically. We do this in order to help you out with the respective services which you have availed from us. Marketing performed by us is again done with the full consent of our clients. If anywhere our clients feel they do not want us to proceed with whatever we have proposed to disable the process then and there.

How the personal information of our clients are utilized?

The personal information is procured and stored so that we can use them in the course of performing the service. We also maintain all the contracted legislations and follow the regulations mentioned in our contracts thoroughly. So the following things that we can do are:

  • Give you the services that you have ordered from us.
  • Complete any payments.
  • Get your identity verified so that no fraudulent activities take place associated with transactions etc.

 Other than that your data is also required so that we can customize our services according to your convenience and your business requirements so that client experience always stays top-notch.

  • Enhance and modify the services we have designed for our clients.
  • Share information and publications which might be useful to you.
  • Share our statistical data and audit the personal data we have procured.

However at any point, if you wish to withdraw your consent on the utilization of your data then we will not stop you from doing so. We focus on keeping our client’s experience smoother thereby fulfilling their requirements thoroughly.

With whom we share your information and why

We do not share your information with any third parties except in the following situations:

  • The ICO asks for a data audit.
  • The police ask for your data for a case study.
  • Data is utilized as a part of a sale.

What are the processes of keeping your information secured?

We assure that whatever information we have procured from our clients in order to provide them with the ordered service is secured and we use outstanding quality technology to maintain the safety of your data thoroughly.

For the international clients residing outside of European GDPR legislation, we maintain the same amount of safety measures in terms of keeping the personal data secured.

Client rights

According to GDPR, you have the following rights:

The right to be informed or communicated

If you wish to get informed or require information about your data then you have the right to communicate with us.

The right to obtain your data

If you wish to see your data’s status or wish to see how we are utilizing your data you can communicate with us.

The right to rectify your data

If we hold any information that is not legitimate you have the right to rectify that and get it corrected by us.

Other rights:

  • Right to terminate data.
  • Right to restrict data availability.
  • Right to get the data transferred.
  • Right to get your data processed.
  • Right to withdraw your consent from Automated Decision Making and Profiling,

Marketing preferences

As per the guidelines of GDPR you can opt for our marketing campaigns and refuse to receive any information from us that does not benefit you.